Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Review] theBalm Meet Matt(e)

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for being MIA for so long. Let me fill you in with some updates. I have finally reached the end of my co-ass (or internship, you might say). Yay! There will still be another test on May, held by government. And if I passed the test, I will officially be a doctor. But at least, the hardest part is now over.

Anyhoo, have you Meet Matt(e)?
Give it up to theBalm for their weird (or funny?) product names with pun intended. The palette, as you can see, has picture of a guy in front of it. I assume he is Matt. It’s kinda funny that when I tried to take pictures of the product, the camera kept focusing on that guy in the cover. The packaging is a sleek, compact carton board with magnetic shut that reminds me a lot of some stila palettes. Inside there are nine eyeshadow and a dual ended tiny eyeshadow brush. The name of the individual eyeshadows is another pun. There are nine different Matts in various races, like Matt Chung, Matt Batali or Matt McDonald. Yeah, I think it’s kinda ridiculous if I posted an FOTD entry and listed Matt Smith, Matt Gallagher and Matt Ramirez as products used. Oh well.. Not that I’m against it, it just feels kinda weird, that’s all.

 However, I sing a totally different tune when it comes to the quality of these eyeshadows. I wasn’t so surprised with the intense pigmentation as theBalm eyeshadows are famous for that. The colors show up so easily but you can adjust it if you want less pigmentation, say when you apply colors on the crease. Awesome! It’s the smooth consistency that amazed me. I really didn’t expect it from a matte eyeshadow. I always a little bit permissive when it comes to matte eyeshadow. For all I know, matte eyeshadow tends to apply a little bit chalky and powdery but I found none of those problems with this palette. Make sure you tap the excess products before applying the eyeshadow, and you’re safe from eyeshadow fall out on application. Double awesomeness!

The color selection is great as well. I love how most of these eyeshadows have neutral undertone so it works for everyone. It even has two highlight colors, Matt Smith as warm beige-based highlight and Matt Chung as pink based highlight. Matt Gallagher and Matt Patel are my two most favorite crease colors. While the other colors are great to darkened the outer corner of the eye.

Of course, the dream when buying a makeup palette would be to have one palette that covers all the colors you need from base, crease, highlight to definition. But as you can see all colors in this palette are mostly dark colors. Now except for the browns, the colors in the palette don’t really coordinate with each other. Matt Ramirez, Matt McDonald and Matt Batali are great for definition color, especially when you go smoky. Matt Patel, Matt Gallagher, Matt Horowitz and Matt Schilling are great for crease. I rarely apply medium to dark eyeshadow on my lid, but if you like, Matt Schilling and Mat Horowitz could be your options. But in my opinion, with nine eyeshadows available, there is not enough color gradation to play with. Now this is not a problem with me because the reason I bought this palette at the first place is to get many matte colors in one palette at once. I already have enough eyeshadows in various colors and finishing, other than matte. And I hope this palette will complete my eyeshadow collection. Still, I don’t think this is the kind of palette that can be used alone. If you are still building your makeup collection, I’d suggest to postpone purchasing this palette and collect other palettes that have more colors combination and different finishing first. But if you have enough shimmery/glittery/satiny eyeshadows in your collection, then this palette would be a great addition.

theBalm Meet Matt(e) retails for $34.50 and is available at theBalm website. I purchased mine via my online seller while theBalm was having Friends and Family Sale.


Stephanie said...

The shades look tempting and pretty.. Now I want them, despite the fact that I RARELY use eyeshadows.. Good luck ujian akhirnya yah~ Also, UKDInya~ ^_^

Okinice said...

Hello.. Nice to see you..

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danza said...

Hi! I was wondering which online retailer you use that caters to friends and family sale?? I'd love to know, as you know make up can be very expensive in Indo :(

Marcelle Yulianne said...

Hi danza!

I'm a member of Femaledaily forum. There you can find many online sellers that open pre-order from international websites. I usually order from them. However, Friends and Family sale is hosted by the brands, not the online sellers. There are no exact schedule as well so you have to find those information by subscribing to many beauty websites or from their soc-net, like twitter.

putri said...

hi marcelle!
so what palette do you suggest for total dummie at put some eyeshadow on*ahem*me*?i havesleek storm and i quite hate it so i dont have any eyeshadow left right now.